Mascara Master Class

Mascara Master Class

Based on its popularity, mascara is very likely your, ‘what I would take with me if I was marooned on a desert island’ choice of cosmetics. You probably understand the basics of mascara application, but read on, for tips and tricks that will help you master your mascara application and maximize the look of your lashes, whichever mascara you might use.    

Everybody wants their lashes to look fuller, longer, and more glam than they already do and though a creamy, rich mascara formula is essential; sometimes technique is the key to maximizing your mascara outcome. True, what follows is a lot of info, but a little extra knowledge never hurt anyone!


Prime & Powder your eyelids, before beginning. (You do prime & powder, right?!) Take a brush-full of your powder, and give a generous dusting, over and under your closed lids. This coats your upper and lower lashes and will help keep them separated.


Chin up, Eyes down– Rather than looking directly into your mirror, place it so

you can look downwards into it while applying. This will give you a better perspective of your entire upper lid and lash area.


First, lay your wand where you want the MOST product- this should always be at the outer corner, working inwards. This way, the longer thicker lashes get a proper coating, and there is less goop-y product left for the finer, more delicate hairs at the inner eye.


Start as close to the underside of the base of your lashes as safely possible. Gently wiggle the brush as you go up the lash, to get maximum coverage and lift.


Next, apply the residue left on the brush from the first coat, to the topside of the lashes, flicking your wrist as you come to the tip of the lash. This instantly gives more fullness and curl. Don’t be tempted to put more mascara on the brush before doing this though, or your lashes will clump from too much product.


Wait! Pause for 45 seconds before starting on your second coat. The exposure to the air lets the creaminess of the first coat dry. It will become tacky, and the second coat will be more buildable.


Small area + large brush + messy product = smudges.  

There is really no way to avoid smudges while applying mascara; When it happens, I have found that using a medical grade q-tip works best for clean-ups. This is a more precise tool than regular q-tips, and unlike those, the cotton tip of this product is very tightly wound. They won’t leave those annoying cotton strands behind.

When cleaning smudges, the 45 second trick works here, as well. If you wait until the smudge is a bit drier, the clean up will be easier. Wet the q-tip (sparingly) with your favorite (non-oily) eye makeup remover. Use a light, flicking motion, and whisk the smudge up and away from your shadow.

If you use an amazing formula, like our fav, Volumaxi,

chances are it is thick and rich. This means that a lot of the product gets wasted. Try twirling your brush up, scraping the excess off, as you bring the tip of the wand out of the tube. Not only will you have an easier-to-control amount of mascara on the wand, it will help your mascara last longer.

Speaking of which; if you are coming to the end of the tube, and want to get a few more uses from it, add a drop or two (not more) of sterile eye drops. Mascara is prone to bacterial growth though, so the general rule of finishing a tube in one to three months is an important one.

Lastly, when removing all of this hard work at the end of your day, here is our third 45-second rule; apply & let your eye makeup remover sit for 45 seconds. This way, it will begin to dissolve the hardened mascara before you wipe it away, and is much more gentle on the delicate lash hairs and skin of your eyes.

Questions or comments?!

Were any of these tips helpful? Do you have other mascara tips you would like to share? Or, makeup questions you can’t find the answer to?! Email me at; sales@sapphireskygifts.com

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